Supporters and Inspirations


OSU Urban Arts Space in Columbus, Ohio.

Thanks for being our new museum host.

Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massacusetts.

Thanks for being our original museum host and for providing funds for construction.

Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences

Thanks for a helpful faculty research enhancement grant. Thanks for many years of artistic inspiration and for offering grants for new media art projects. Even though I was not awarded one back in 2009 when I proposed this project, I credit their granting format for helping me develop this concept.


The helpful company making the user-friendly internet of things technology that I used in this project.

Special Thanks

George Keeney - insectory manager at the Ohio State University Biological Sciences Greenhouse who consulted with me on cricket health.

Ken Rinaldo - inspiring and helpful artist and partner. And fellow lover of interactions with living things.

Gigi Fournier – Website Designer

Catherine Chalmers - artist and author of the fantastic American Cockroach book and series of photographs.

Maria Fernando Cardoso's Flea Circus - Inspired by this project early on, and priviledged to work in it as an "Explainer" at the San Francisco Exploratorium in 1996.

Natalie Jerejimenko's OOZ project - prototyping ways for humans and animals to interact beyond tapping on the glass.

Gail Wight - artist interacting sensitively and creatively with living mice, rats and slime molds.

Eduardo Kac - artist of early telepresent and interactive artworks between humans, plants and animals.

Center for Postnatural History - reframing the current state of human/animal interactions.

Telepresent Animal students who have been instrumental in develoing the Telepresent-animal Tumblr and have fully engaged the concept of making art for insects. Many of their works will be on display in an upcoming museum exhibition.

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