House Crickets


Yes, you might think you know us as live bait or as food to be feed to pet lizards, frogs or snakes, but there is more to us than that. Did you know that we are domestic, like you? We like many of the foods you like (apples, cereals, carrots and leafy greens) and we like the comfort of warm, human homes. We prefer the indoor temperatures that you do – about 70 to 80 degrees is pretty nice, don't you agree? We also enjoy the safety of the indoors, since most of us are eaten by wild animals and lawnmowers when we escape to the outdoors. If the cold does not kill us out there, and we escape the cats and birds, those wild crickets often eat us before we can get established. Like you, we chose the safety of the indoors most of the time. Yes, we are most often raised in boxes and fed processed foods and eventually die in unspeakable ways, but we enjoy a healthy population because we have found ways to be useful to your kind. Consider that there may be other ways you can interact with us - perhaps you might find it fascinating to watch our cute babies grow up, grow wings and learn to chirp? Like some of you, we sing to attract mates.

Perhaps you will enjoy our songs, too.